Abstract of A. Altman lecture


A. Altman
UJA-Federation of NY, USA

UJA-Federation of NY and its network of agencies have organized a
professional task force on disabilities that has become a potent
vehicle for building a collaborative, mutually supportive service system
that makes effective use of the strengths of each of its members. This
presentation will describe why and how this task force was organized;
provide examples of programs that best exemplify how these evolving
collaborative relationships are being realized; and offer additional
insights into the benefits to providers that have emerged from creating
such a structure. In 1996 a UJA-Federation professional task force on
people with disabilities was founded, open to all concerned about the
issue. Professionals from across the UJA-Federation’s agency
system, other Jewish organizations, and service providers, interested
lay people, a foundation, and most importantly people with disabilities.
This task force is a vehicle for communal planning- to identify unmet
and emerging needs, explore approaches to addressing them, sharing
of best practices and as a forum for outside informants from
government, specialists in housing, and visitors from abroad. The task
force has emerged as a potent force for change, coming together as a
community of caring professionals and lay people, who share and
learn from one another, and build collaborative, integrated programs.
This presentation will present an exemplary program, CLASSP which
is operational in 18 Jewish community centers and includes the
involvement of two area-wide UJA-Federation affiliates. It has been
studied and evaluated, and proven its success.

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