Abstract of V. Zilka lecture


V. ZilkaI. Aviv
Beit Issie ShapiroIsrael

The Forum of Organizations and Parents for Children with Disabilities
brings together organizations and parents from various sectors
throughout the country. The forum is a collation of more than 60
organizations that work towards improving the lives of children with
disabilities and their families through influencing legislation and social
policies. The forum organizations have taken it upon themselves to
work in several areas: ensuring that children with disabilities and their
families are entitled to disabled child benefits from the National
Insurance to acquire help, treatment, and an educational framework;
ensuring that rehabilitative day care is available for any child who
requires it; ensuring that all children who can benefit from being
integrated into regular day care are given the opportunity. The forum
has also allocated issues that will be dealt with in the future. The
forum is headed by two professional women: an attorney and a
community social worker. A working model will be presented that is
suitable to multi-organizational coalitions that operate as a power of
influence upon decision-makers in the Knesset and government
offices. Critical aspects of the coalition's operation will be discussed,
such as establishing trust in the forum on the part of decision makers
in a manner that has made the forum influential in decision-making
processes. The presentation will raise some of the main dilemmas that
we have dealt with in work processes during the past few years, as
well as analyzing cases in which the forum succeeded in motivating
legislation processes and influencing policy. During the convention we
will also present findings regarding the influence of existing legislation
and their application in everyday reality.

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