Welcome Notes Of The Scientific Committee

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Beit Issie Shapiro is proud to invite you to The 5th International Conference on Disabilities:
"Learning from the Past, Shaping the Future". Since this year marks the 30th anniversary
of Beit Issie Shapiro's service to the community, we have chosen to reflect on how life has
changed for individuals with disabilities, and what the future heralds.

The previous conferences focused on promoting the integration of individuals with disabilities
into the mainstream community. The shift in perspective via research, policy, and
legislation has highlighted the move away from provisions for segregated services towards
building more socially and physically accessible communities where individuals with disabilities
are afforded equal and appropriate accommodations so that they may realize their full
potential as active members of the community.

The most striking voice at our last conference in 2006 came from people with disabilities
themselves, who demanded passionately to be included in all decisions affecting their lives.
Throughout the speeches, presentations and panel discussions, individuals with disabilities
asserted no policy should be decided "about us without us" that impact their lives.
It is therefore of great satisfaction to us that the crux of this conference will be a body of
research developed by individuals with special needs.

Well respected International and Israeli experts will be presenting on a wide spectrum of
multi-disciplinary topics from social and ethical dilemmas to highly debated legislation and
public policy.

Keynote topics will consist of "Inclusive communities, policy and legislation", "Life cycle issues
of individuals with disabilities and their families", "Treatment methods for individuals
with disabilities", and "Social Entrepreneurship and Disability". You can read more about
these topics and the coinciding speakers on the website.

Beit Issie Shapiro's 5th International Conference sums up a series of events commemorating
the organization's 30th anniversary. These have been years of amazing progress brought
about through the partnership of academics, colleagues, individuals with disabilities and
their families.

We invite you to take advantage of this opportunity to be heard. Please send your abstract
for review by our Scientific Committee. We all have to keep up-to-date, to refresh our knowledge
and to deepen our understanding. This can only be done by participating in international
meetings, sharing our work, and subjecting ourselves to the review of our respected
peers. In presenting your own work, insights, and research, you too will be able to help
shape the future of individuals with disabilities.
Please join us for a dynamic and rich conference!

Dr. Dana Roth                        Dr. Benjamin Hozmi     

Scientific committee Co-Chairperson        Scientific committee Co-Chairperson

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