Abstract of Y. Wagner lecture


Y. Wagner
Access Israel

In the 11 years since its establishment, Access Israel has
revolutionized accessibility and quality of life to over 600,000 people
with disabilities, implementing unique models based on the idea that
all partners will enjoy the outcome of the project. We aim for a "winwin-
win" situation: A Win for the organization that is implementing our
accessibility model, a win for the disabled community and a win for
Access Israel org. In the last decade we promoted accessibility in
thousands of locations with the program called "Access Israel Badge".
In a country where there were no accessibility laws and standards, we
were able to convince businesses to upgrade accessibility using
professional accessibility consultants. Those who completed the
accessibility implementation process where issued an "Access Israel
Badge". By taking upon themselves this process, they earned the
potential to reach and serve more clients, especially disable clients,
their families and care givers. These businesses earned great PR,
customer's appreciation and more. In the last two years accessibility
legislation progressed and there are more accessibility professional
consultants to choose from. Due to this change Access Israel has
launched a new unique Model. "The Business Forum Promoting
Accessibility in Israel". We have been able to convince 33 leading
Israeli companies including Banks, Cellular companies, Gas
companies, Internet companies, Retail companies and Insurance
companies. All companies agreed to implement Access Israel's
Accessibility model aiming to change the organization's DNA to
"accessible DNA"– meaning that accessibility is a part of all aspects of
the company's activities. All the members of the Forum receive
consulting services tailored to the various units of the company
making sure that all products and services of the company will be
accessible and available to all clients including people with disabilities.

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