Abstract of A. Sandler-Loeff lecture

A. Sandler-Loeff


A. Sandler-Loeff1S. Kaminsky2, D. Cameo3, L. Orlev4, L. Dagan-
Swissa5, H. Shvoron2
JDC IsraelBeit Issie Shapiro, IsraelMifras BaGalil; Institute for
Advancement of the Deaf, Israel

48% of disabled adults in Israel are parents of children under the age
of 18, and more than two-thirds have moderate or severe disabilities.
Parents with disabilities must cope with various parental issues on a
daily basis. Most of them must deal with social stigmas and explain
their disability to their children in a constructive way. "The Family as a
Unit for Supporting Independent Living in the Community" was
developed by JDC-Israel, Beit Issie Shapiro, Mifras Bagalil and the
Institute for the Advancement of Deaf Persons in Israel. The program
focused on strengthening parental abilities and included pilots on
training courses for parents with disabilities. Today the program will be
further developed by Israel Unlimited and will be adopted by the
government ministries. During the session we will share the "know
how" from the training courses for parents with different kinds of
disabilities and from "Mother to Mother" - experienced mothers with
disabilities mentor new mothers. The Session will include the
Following: 1. Background and overview of Research 2. A discussion
between parents and professionals regarding: Parents with Disabilities
–unique challenges beginning with pregnancy, after childbirth, and for
parents of school-aged children, and evaluation results of some of the
projects. Parents of Adult Children with Disabilities – A large number
of young adults remain in their parents' homes without employment or
suitable social contacts. Parents sometimes feel helpless or overprotective
towards their children. Directions for interventions
contribution to the families, based on the projects, will be presented.

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