Abstract of H. Kedem lecture


H. Kedem, G. Mondri
Alei SiachIsrael

Alei Siach, an organization that works to advance special-needs
individuals within the religious population, has adapted the study
program of the “Special College” to suit the religious population. A
group of young men study at Bayit V'gan College, and a group of
young women study at the Beth Jacob Teachers’ Institute. Dr.
Benjamin Hozmi, initiator of the program, specified 4 goals for the
program: 1. Providing an opportunity for individuals with borderline
disabilities to study in an academic framework. 2. Imparting secondary
ADL skills and self-esteem. 3. Developing self awareness and self
motivation among “special” students. 4. Integrating “special” students
among the other students. In summary, goals 1 and 4 were realized
less in our population for various reasons, including: 1. The level of
the students that formed our group was lower than the original level
that Dr. Hozmi was aiming at. 2. True and deep change in the attitude
of the regular population takes time. On the other hand, goals 2 and 3
yielded good results and were internalized and implemented by our
students. (Personal testimonies will be shown on video.) We did see
differences in actual implementation of studies between the
rehabilitative and Aspergers populations. The professional staff
noticed that among those with Aspergers, there was a large gap
between classroom ability and comprehension and actual
implementation in daily life. Recommendations for better results: more
cooperation between all staff members and development of individual
coaching plans.

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