The Sponsors

Primary Sponsor – Bank Hapoalim:

Since its founding in 1921, Bank Hapoalim has played a pivotal role in the rapid growth of Israels
economy. Today Hapoalim continues to be the leading financial institution in Israel. The bank maintains
a global presence, operating in 20 countries throughout the world.
Bank Hapoalim is a universal bank in structure and operations.
The bank boasts a very strong retail banking arm with the largest distribution network in the country.
Through a wide range of banking offerings it caters to consumers, SMEs and corporations across Israel.
Bank Hapoalim is the lender of choice to Israels largest corporations and is active in financing industrial
and commercial enterprises, as well as major infrastructure projects.
The bank runs a thriving foreign trade, foreign exchange, and brokerage & custody business and maintains
a global private banking arm serving private clients across the globe.
In Israel, Bank Hapoalim operates over 270 full-service branches, focusing on households, private (affluent)
banking & small businesses.
The bank offers a deep shelf of banking and payments products, capital market and foreign trade
facilities and a full gamut of financial planning advisory services including pension and retirement planning.
Bank Hapoalim is currently strengthening its domestic presence through express branches for retail
banking in high traffic areas, and boutique branches in affluent neighborhoods. Through its celebrated
direct banking arm and state-of-the-art 24/7 call centers; the Bank promotes convenient, interpersonal
interaction, providing customers the ability to bank through whichever technological channel they
Commercial and corporate clients are professionally served through eight regional business centers,
business branches and specialized industry desks for major corporate clients. The Bank, which has
long been the favored financial address for Israels leading corporations, is now strengthening its middle
market activities. A growing network of business branches will make services more convenient and diversified,
as this sector plays an expanding role in the domestic economy.
Internationally, Bank Hapoalim operates through a network of subsidiaries, branches and representative
offices in the United States, Europe, South America and Asia. The Banks thriving Global Private Banking
services, led by Bank Hapoalim (Switzerland), serves high net-worth clients from around the world, with
offices in Zurich, Geneva, Luxembourg, Tel Aviv, Miami, Singapore and Hong Kong. In this competitive
market, clients are attracted to the Banks very extensive wealth management expertise, stellar reputation
and global spread. Global Private Banking activities are supported by PAM, a fully-owned subsidiary
in London, which provides investment products through the worlds leading investment firms.
Building on its experience in structuring complex trade packages, the Bank is promoting its overseas
corporate services, primarily targeting Israeli companies establishing or strengthening their presence in
established and growth markets.
The Bank Hapoalim Group includes Isracard Ltd, Israels leading credit card company, as well as financial
companies involved in investment banking, trust services and portfolio management.
The Bank plays an active role in the community, contributing generously to educational, social and cultural
projects, and encouraging personal volunteering among its employees.
Bank Hapoalim is one of the most actively traded stocks on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. In addition, a
Level-1 ADR is traded over-the -counter in New York, under ticker BKHYY.
The Bank is rated by Moodys, S&P and Fitch.

Major Sponsor – The Ted Arison Family Foundation:

The Ted Arison Family Foundation (Israel) Public Benefit Company Ltd was established in
Israel in 1993 by Business woman and philanthropist Ms. Shari Arison, today her eldest son
Mr. Jason Arison , is the Chairman of the foundation and head of the Philanthropic Arm of
the Arison Group.
Our worldview is based on three core Jewish values: Tzedakah, Hesed, and Tikkun Olam.
We aspire to bring about essential change, encouraging excellence and social responsibility,
and building a better society.
We are a private, family-held Foundation which donates each year, to various projects and
to hundreds of Israeli associations and organizations in the fields of: Health; Education; Children&
Youth; Culture, Arts & Sports; Populations in Distress; Disabilities and Research.
Amongst the prominent projects are: The Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, Weizmann Institute
of Science, Interdisciplinary Center (IDC), Herzliya, The Yitzhak Rabin Center and many
more .
Three of the foundations vision ventures are independent associations:
Essence of life Aiming to arouse awareness, providing holistic tools to obtain inner
Ruach Tova Encouraging the spirit of volunteerism in Israel.
All One Generating a global conversation of a new understanding that we are all part of
one, everywhere on the face of the earth.
Part of The Arison Group vision - doing good both in Business and Philanthropy, the foundation
decided to join and support Beit Issie Shapiro international convention for special
needs ,so that professionals, Policy makers, People with special needs, Parents, and representatives
of various organizations can meet with their peers from abroad to share, learn
and be exposed to the most updated data and breakthrough research in the field.
Chairman, Mr. Jason Arison : I believe and hope that this convention, held by Beit Issie
Shapiro, will be a leverage for social action towards inclusion of people with special needs
in to community and work places . I call more organizations to join us and raise the call for a
respecting inclusion that enables each and everyone to give from their abilities and talents
towards a better future.


The Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services Rehabilitation Services Administration:

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services Rehabilitation Services Administration is responsible
for initiating, developing and supplying rehabilitation services to the largest sector
of people with disabilities in Israel, with an estimated size of 250,000.
These are individuals with acquired and congenital disabilities, mostly medium to severe levels
of disability.
The RSA treats a wide spectrum of physical disabilities, such as cerebral palsy (or CP), deafness
and hard of hearing, blindness and visual impairment, learning disabilities, ADHD (or
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders) and people with borderline intellectual functioning.
The RSA operates through 4 main units:
Service for Community-Based Treatment and Rehabilitation,
Service for the Blind,
Service for Residential Institutions and Out-of-Home Placement, and
Communication Supportive Services for People with Deafness and Hard-of-Hearing.
Rehabilitation services provided by the RSA include, among others, daycare centers for developmentally
delayed babies and children; community-based supportive services for youth
and adults; vocational rehabilitation centers; sheltered workshops; projects for supported
employment; residential institutions for people with severe physical disabilities; communitybased
group homes; various financial benefits; assistance in purchasing rehabilitation aids;
adapting computer stations for studies and work; and more.

The “Shalem” Foundation for the development of services for the challenged individual in the local authorities:

The Shalem Foundation for the development of services for the challenged individual in the
local authorities was established in 1983 by the Center of Local Authority in collaboration
with the Ministry of Welfare with the aim developing and promoting community services to
mentally challenged people of all ages, in all areas of life.
Throughout its years of operation, the foundation assisted in the establishment of hundreds
of remedial centers for the mentally challenged population nationwide.
The vision behind the activities of the foundation is to grant the exceptional individuals in general,
and specifically the mentally challenged, the basic right to live a normal life in the natural
environment, to fulfill their potential and take part in the social, cultural and occupational
world, in accordance with their abilities, desires and needs.

The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee:

Since its establishment in 1914, the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (AJJDC)
has been working for the advancement of people with disabilities, while responding to their
special needs. The character and emphasis of these efforts have adapted to meet the changing
conditions and needs of Israeli society. Over the years the focus of JDC Israel programs for
people with disabilities has shifted from direct assistance and development of institutional
services to the establishment of educational and training frameworks, voluntary organizations
and community services.
JDC-Israel Division for Disabilities and Rehabilitation focuses on the development and implementation
of solutions that meet the specific needs of Israels adult population (age 21-65)
with disabilities, which today numbers some 697,000 people. This population includes people
with physical disabilities, those with sensory disabilities (blind and vision-impaired, deaf
and hearing-impaired), those with cognitive or mental disabilities and people with healthrelated
In 2009 Israel Unlimited was established a strategic partnership between JDC-Israel (through
the Division for Disabilities and Rehabilitation), the Government of Israel (through the Ministry
of Social Affairs and Social Services; Ministry of Health, Ministry of Finance and the National
Insurance Institute), and the Ruderman Family Foundation for planning and development of
services to promote and integrate the disabled in the community. Strengthening the family as
a support system for independent living, including parents who are disabled, is a major theme
in the Division and Israel Unlimited agenda.


Ashalim was launched in 1998 by JDC-Israel together with the Government of Israel and UJAFederation
of New York, to improve the lives of children/youth and families exposed to risk
and promote their ability to flourish. Ashalim strives to achieve its mission by strengthening
the Israeli service systems - expanding the range of services and programs, improving available
services and supporting field professionals.
As an apolitical, independent body, Ashalim establishes partnerships with local and national
bodies to advise, create, and facilitate programs for children/youth at risk of all ages and
backgrounds, their families and field professionals. Ashalim acts as a social R&D incubator
for introducing and testing innovative approaches and methods, and then if successful, preparing
program models for replication.
Major program areas include early childhood, community-based services, special needs, educational
interventions and alternative youth programs. Since its inception, Ashalim has been
involved with 300 projects in 125 localities in Israel.

The Azrieli Foundation:

The Azrieli Foundation is a philanthropic organization established by David J. Azrieli, C.M.,
C.Q., March. The mission of the Azrieli Foundation is to support initiatives and develop and
operate programs that promote access to education and the achievement of excellence in
various fields of knowledge and activity.
Programs and initiatives funded by the Azrieli Foundation are located in Canada, Israel and
the United States.
In addition to the many traditional and innovative charitable programs that receive financial
support, the Azrieli Foundation has established and operates:
The Azrieli Fellows Program: promoting academic excellence and leadership in graduate
studies at Israeli universities.
Holocaust Survivor Memoirs Program: collecting, archiving, publishing and distributing
memoirs and diaries of Holocaust survivors in Canada under the imprint The Azrieli Series
of Holocaust Survivor Memoirs.
The Azrieli Institute for Educational Empowerment: empowering Israeli youth-at-risk and
encouraging them to stay in school by closing educational gaps, instilling social skills and
providing parents with tools for improving family relationships.

Israel Elwyn:

Israel Elwyn believes in the principle of inclusion and that everyone has the right to be a full
part of the community. Founded in 1984, Israel Elwyn today serves more than 2,500 children
and adults with disabilities throughout Israel. Israel Elwyns ultimate goal is to provide individuals
with tools enabling them to make decisions about their own lives and to gain more
independence for living and working in the community.
With the support services received from Israel Elwyn, hundreds of adults now work in jobs in
the community and hundreds of children and adults lead more dignified and productive lives,
enhancing their overall quality of life.

The Aaron Beare Foundation:
The Aaron Beare Foundation is a long term generous supporter of Beit Issie Shapiro.


AKIM was founded in 1951 as a national organization by the parents of mentally handicapped
children who decided to take control of their childrens lives and promote their quality of life.
Today AKIM has 69 branches spread out across the country. AKIM is a national non-profit organization
in Israel that represents a population of 34,000 mentally handicapped individuals,
including children and their families. Over the years, AKIM has been active in promoting the
rights of mentally handicapped people through legislation and initiating the development of
model services required by handicapped persons. Some of these services have been adopted
by the municipalities and have become an integral part of the array of services provided to the
mentally handicapped in Israel.

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