Abstract of R. Cohen lecture


R. Cohen
Beit Issie ShapiroIsrael

"Friends Park" is an accessible, inclusive playground established
through cooperation between Beit Issie Shapiro, the City of Raanana,
the Jewish National Fund, and other organizations. The playground is
the application of an approach that combines physical accessibility
together with activities directed at promoting social integration, and
serves as an inspiration for changes in social attitudes and integration
of children with disabilities in leisure activities in the community. The
park is designed for children with disabilities and their families, the
regular and special educational systems, and the complementary
educational systems. The park provides three main types of activities:
Spontaneous activities, Initiated activities: These activities include
workshops for changing attitudes within the regular educational
system, and activities in the special educational system directed
towards regular children that offer experiences in leisure activities in
the community. Beit Issie Shapiro is striving to establish additional
accessible playgrounds in Israel, and to introduce a perception that
emphasizes the importance of adopting social programs for promoting
social integration. A national steering committee was established for
this purpose that includes representatives of the National Insurance
Fund for Developing Services for the Disabled, The Shalem Fund,
Mifal HaPayis, the Erison Fund, the Shaffel Fund, the Commission for
Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities, The Rehabilitation
Department of the Ministry of Welfare and Social Services, the "Hop"
Children's Television Channel that broadcasts the program "Sesame
Street" in Israel. Our presentation at the convention will describe the
inter-organizational cooperation including the three sectors that have
joined together to attain social change for children with disabilities and
members of their families.

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