Abstract of A. Ayalon lecture


A. Ayalon1, T. Nahum2
1 Israel Institute for Occupational Safety and Hygiene, Projects Manager, Div. of
Projects & Infrastructure Development, Israel; 2 Israel Institute for Occupational
Safety and Hygiene, Head, Div. of Projects & Infrastructure Development, Israel

Conducted by The Israeli Institute for Occupational Safety & Hygiene,
The Project promotes good practice, fosters equality at work, as well
as health and safety risk assessment with respect to people with
special needs (SN). Main goal: to develop a "Tool Box" & an
intervention plan directed to employers & to occupational safety &
health professionals. The Project is an innovative one & is in
accordance with the new approach of the World Health Organization
and the International Classification of Function. Goals: enhancing the
know-how about the health and safety of employees with SN;
improving the health and safety practice for employees with SN;
developing Job Safety Analysis & Environmental Safety Analysis as
risk assessment tools that will indicate adaptations needed at the
work-place for people SN; cooperation with the Ministry of Industry
Trade & Labor, aimed at promoting regulations concerning workplace
adaptations for employees with SN. Milestones: reviewing literature
with regard to health and safety intervention plans in use with
employees with SN; preliminary tour in one of the factories that
employ people with SN; developing risk assessment tools adapted to
people with SN at work; developing JSA for employees with SN;
conducting risk assessment survey in protected work-places;
developing a booklet with all the information, directed to employers &
employees; producing 2 informative films directed to employers & to
safety professionals.

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