Abstract of A. Tal lecture


A. Tal
Nalaga'at, Israel

Making theater with deaf-blind people is challenging as theater is the
art of communication and communication is the biggest problem of a
deaf-blind person. The first goal was then of course to form a theater
group from eleven deaf-blind individuals and as a group find a way to
communicate with the audience. It seemed almost impossible. "Not by
Bread Alone" performed by the world's only deaf-blind theater
Ensemble proofed the impossible possible, a working routine of at
least three shows a week was created over the last years. The Lives
of the deaf-blind actors changed, believing that all human beings are
equal yet different, and that all have the right to take upon themselves
the obligation to contribute to society, each one in his own way and
ability through aspiration to professionalism and excellence. As for the
audience this experience is not less revolutionary, for most of them
this is the first encounter with deaf-blind people, not focusing on their
disabilities but on their abilities. Living in a society where being
"perfect" is almost a must the show gives the audience members an
opportunity to connect and accept the difference existing in each and
every one of us, realizing that "nobody is perfect" and all of us can and
deserve to change not only our personal reality ,but the reality we live

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