Abstract of R. Melmed lecture


R. Melmed1, L. Rubin2
1 Southwest Autsim Research and Resource Center, USA; 2 Developmental
Medicine Specialists, USA

Autism has captivated our society if not our world and can no longer
be regarded as rare. The greater appreciation we have of this
condition and its associated medical, genetic, educational, social,
recreational and vocational factors has changed the way we view
children and adults with developmental disabilities. Topics will include
newer tools for screening, assessment, and diagnosis of both Autistic
Disorder and Asperger Disorder. Evidenced based treatment for the
core symptoms will be discussed in the context of developing an
individualized profile of strengths and weaknesses. The physician’s
role in identifying the bio-psychosocial needs of the individual at
different ages and stages will be the central theme of the workshop.
Medical management and intervention guidelines for challenges such
as gastro-intestinal and sleep problems will be discussed in a case
presentation format. Novel treatment strategies for co-occurring
psychiatric disorders will be presented. Vocational issues will be
reviewed including adult community living arrangements. Health care
approaches in the ever aging population of individual with autism will
be discussed. Practical day to day management will be reviewed
including communication with team members and the coordination of
multimodal interventions. Key areas for needed improvement for care
of individuals with autism will be identified including sensitivity to the
impact an individual with disabilities has on families, the availability of
educational and vocational services and medical personnel trained in
the care of individuals with autism throughout the life span.

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