Abstract of M.E. Palmer Lecture


M.E. Palmer, D. Benlolo, M. Newman

KEY MESSAGE. Theatre is a wonderful medium to promote inclusion.
Experience, through the documentary “Dreamcoat”, how Tamir
managed to produce a fully integrated theatrical production of "Joseph
and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat", understand the benefits to
everyone involved and learn how to go about undertaking this kind of
initiative. The session includes a talk back session with some of the
producers, cast and crew. LENGTH. Introduction: 5 minutes. DVD
highlights of the “Joseph” performance: 25 minutes. Documentary: 30
minutes. Talk Back: 30 minutes. Total: 90 minutes. SESSION
DESCRIPTION. In the spring of 2010, Tamir marked its 25th
anniversary with a theatrical production of the Broadway hit “Joseph
and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat”. For the very first time, a
professionally managed fully integrated theatrical production was
created involving people with developmental disabilities alongside
people from professional and amateur theatre, and culminated in two
sold out shows before a packed house of more than one thousand
people each night at Centrepointe Theatre. During this session, see
highlights of the performance at Centrepointe Theatre, and watch the
professionally filmed and produced documentary "Dreamcoat," which
follows several key performers with developmental disabilities as they
face incredible challenges and push the limits of inclusion from dream
to reality. Afterwards, join in an open discussion and talk back session
with some of the producers, cast and crew about the benefits of this
kind of initiative to everyone involved and how to organize a similar

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