Abstract of L. Genuth lecture


L. Genuth, G. Avissar
Beit-Berl Academic College, Israel

Employment of people with disabilities in Israel has been dealt with
recently in several reports. The Israeli Commission for Equal Rights of
Persons with Disabilities reported that in 2007 the participation rate of
people with disabilities in the job market was only 38%. Teaching is
one of the areas where we are less likely to find them even though
there is general agreement among researchers that it is important to
place teachers with disabilities in the education system as they are
more likely to sympathize and emphasize with their students. This
presentation reports the results of content analysis of personal
narratives of three teachers. All three have a hearing impairment and
they teach in different educational settings: a special school and a
mainstream school. The objectives of the study were to identify
causes for feelings of burnout of teachers with hearing impairment in
different school settings and to look for similarities or differences as
they relate to the school setting: a special school or a mainstream
school Data was gathered using semi-structured in-depth interviews.
Data analysis revealed similar characteristics with regard to feelings of
burnout. All three teachers expressed internal characteristics of
burnout as well as external ones. This is no different than any teacher.
A unique finding was the fatigue reported as a result of the noisy
school environments and a feeling of treated as a 'charity case' rather
than as a worthy professional. Implications for employing persons with
a hearing disability in the teaching profession will be discussed.

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