Abstract of L.N. Naishtat-Bornstein Lecture


L.N. Naishtat-Bornstein
Five College Women’s Studies Center, Mass. USA

In December 2004 my life turned upside down. One of my three sons,
then 14 years old, was run over by a car. In a moment he switched
categories: From a vital, independent child, he suddenly became a
brain damaged case. I was introduced to the planet of hospital and I
learned firsthand the world of disabled people. Six years later I am
privileged to explore the image of young disabled persons in the eye
of the camera. The exhibition “Your Story through Photos” is based on
a one-year-work of a group, composed of young cerebral palsy and
volunteers. I joined this group as a volunteer and after the leader of
the group left I was asked to replace her. In the heart of the exhibition
stands digital-art works, made by Shachar Cohen, one of the group
participants that have muscular dystrophy. These works are exhibit
sidelong texts written by the participants and artistic photos created by
photographers from “Photo-way” academy in Tel Aviv that had joined
the group. In the presentation I will introduce the dilemmas behind the
exhibition and some of the photos and texts that were not including in
it will be exposed.

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