Abstract of I.J. Sykes Lecture


I.J. Sykes
Turningpoint Network, Israel

In the context of celebrating 30 years since Beit Issie Shapiro's
founding, and in honor of Naomi Stuchiner's retirement from
managerial duties, Beit Issie recently hosted a special learning
seminar entitled "Closing Circles – 30 years of Social Change". Invited
participants – former staff, professionals and functionaries in
government and non-profit organizations, parents, disability activists,
and donors –were divided into six groups to reflect upon aspects of
the Beit Issie Shapiro's work over thirty years. Analysis of the session
transcripts revealed the underlying dynamics that played a critical role
in facilitating Beit Issie Shapiro's impact not only upon the lives of
people with disabilities and their families, but upon the place of people
with disabilities in Israel as a society. In the presentation I will draw
upon quotes from participants in the discussion groups to describe the
entrepreneurial context in which Beit Issie was founded; the choice to
work not only to provide services but to mobilize a community, a city,
and an entire society; and evidence of impact upon broader systems. I
will present and describe the six entrepreneurial vectors underlying
the Beit Issie social entrepreneurial model. These include: Moving
from potential to reality; from stigma to respect; from exclusion to
inclusion; from the latent to the visible and expressed; from client to
partner; and from family and local to global. The presentation will
close with a discussion of the potential contribution of the Beit Issie
model to all who strive to create a better society and world.

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