Abstract of O. Almog lecture


O. Almog, E. Bar Hayim
Center for Educational Technology, Israel

Most internet websites are not accessible for many users with various
disabilities; Blind people, people with impaired vision, people who are
unable to use a standard mouse or keyboard, people with learning
disabilities and more. The "Resisim" website is an accessible RSS
reader in Hebrew, developed by CET with the support of the National
Insurance Institute. It enables people with all kinds of disabilities
(sensor, motor or learning disabilities) to read updated information
from the internet in the most adapted and accessible way for them.
"Resisim" provides unique access via a range of access tools such as
a screen reader, Braille screen, touch screens, switches, various
scanning methods, adapted mice and more. In addition the site
enables adaption of the display to the specific needs of each and
every individual. It enables the reading of informative summaries from
existing websites, in any language and access to the original website.
This exposes the users to a wide spectrum of information that
previously was inaccessible to them. "Resisim" provides 1600 Hebrew
content channels with updated information (RSS updates), in various
subjects, divided into multiple categories. Users are also able to add
their own channels and organize their individual information. There's a
significant gap in usage of computers and internet, between people
with special needs and the general population. "Resisim" will not close
the digital gap but it significantly contributes in reducing it, especially
for people with disabilities using computers, who experience
difficulties in daily internet use.

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