Abstract of E.A. Samouilidou lecture


E.A. Samouilidou
Evageliki Sxoli, Greece

In Greece there are a significant number of students with
developmental disorders. Physical education and sport can play a role
in educating of these students. Autism contains a series of
developmental disorders, in social, communication, thinking and
behavior (Sotiriadi., 1993). The Physical Education and Sports is a
helper in the education of students in contemporary culture. (Athens,
2004). The physical education program concern social skills, values,
attitudes and behaviors. In this way, they seek to "socialize" to
"communicate" through events, experiential approaches, games,
sports activities, which can be implemented in a structured
environment within and outside school (Stosljevic, 2000). Necessary is
the teacher which works with students with developmental disabilities
to know the TEACCH program. (Winnink,J. 1990, 2000). The
education of students improve their basic learning difficulties
(Sherill,G. 1998). The methods used by Physical Education teachers
depend on the experience, planning and programming activities
(Jordan,R. 2000). Students follow individual students program,
imitative exercises, relaxation exercises and exercises in water.
(Stosljevic,L. 2000, Sotiriadi,K., 1994). Proposed activity: "Meet the
sport of Swimming, using instructions, icons, card symbols. Students
should learn the sport in its simple form. The aim is to engage
students with swimming, develop perceptual and motor skills, to relax,
to come into contact with water. Water as a part of exercise positive
influence on the behavior of students with developmental disorders.

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