Abstract of R. Shai lecture


R. Shai1, M. Golan2, V. Azran2, L. Abiri2, T. Krispin3, S. Kaminsky4, D.
1 JDC-Ashalim, Israel; 2 Ministry of Social Affairs, Israel; 3 Kesher, Israel; 4 Beit
Issie Shapiro, Israel

The optimal model for developing family services is one which is
based on the value of partnership and mutual respect between
parents and professionals and on the understanding of the need of the
families' of people with special needs and the need for active
involvement by parents. Three processes are recognized which are
leading the change towards the focus on the family. Presentation will
address the strengths, which operate at times in collaboration and at
times in parallel. We will conduct a discussion about the opportunities
and the complexity of the process of change. Purposes of Session: To
present processes and leading perspectives in building family-focused
services. To examine the development process, with three parallel
and interfacing groups – parents, third-sector and government. To
raise awareness of the need for building services for families of
children with special needs. Session Structure: Short video.
Theoretical Basis - will present latest finding from an international
study of quality of life for families with special needs children. Parents
as Initiators and Innovators – Parents will present programs that were
developed through their initiative. Family-focused Programs – joint
presentation by operating organizations and parents. Leading Change
– an examination of the development process that has taken place in
recent years, alongside new directions in national policy. Discussion
about dilemmas that have arisen and presenting a view to the future–
government, third-sector and parents.

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