Abstract of M. Hirsh Lecture


M. Hirsh

This lecture presents a healthy nutrition model operated by Shekel. Its
goal is to improve the nutritional and health status of individuals with
special needs living in communal accommodation, who lack access to
available information and related uses. Recently conducted research
indicates a decrease in the nutritional wellbeing of residents in
communal accommodation due to reduced access and
implementation tools related to the subject, exacerbated by the young
age and high turnover of support staff. The proposed program
addresses this lacuna and aims to improve the nutrition and general
health of this population with interventions on individual, staff and
community levels. Assessment: A questionnaire evaluating the
nutritional habits, illnesses and medical symptoms as well as eating
and cooking patterns, and consumer habits will provide the basis for a
program to be implemented by residents and staff. Intervention: A
workshop for the staff, specifically related to the program proposed at
the assessment stage and related topics (cooking, consumer habits,
health and nutrition). The end product is a fully balanced menu for
individual residents. Follow up: The program includes an ongoing
annual follow-up on the individual and apartment levels. Summary:
The Healthy Nutrition Program has been operating in Shekel's
Community Living division for approximately 2 years. Its basic concept
is that only a comprehensive approach, which intervenes in all
frameworks of life-style in community-living, vocational and
recreational elements, can favorably impact the residents' condition
and behavior patterns and prevent the development and\or
continuation of symptoms and illnesses.

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